Emir Rusyaidi win the Asian Dragons International Tournament-Open 2019 (with pgn)

Emir Rusyaidi win the Asian Dragons International Tournament in the open section with a round to spare. He scored an impressive 7.5/9 while his nearest contender Lv Qinhao from China is a full point behind with 6.5/9.

Seeded first, Emir added 2.4 rating point with 1961 performance rating. Congratulation!

Full results at http://chess-results.com/tnr460264.aspx?lan=1

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Ahmad Nazari Emir RusyaidiMAS20137,50,035,545,0
26Lv QinhaoCHN17906,50,034,546,0
32Min Po-YenTPE20106,00,035,046,5
47Lin Chung-Yu LeeTPE17395,50,037,048,5
514Yu Chen YuTPE15675,50,035,544,5
68Tang Tsz SangHKG16835,50,035,045,5
75Wong JosephAUS17975,50,033,545,0
83Gibson KyleAUS19035,00,036,046,5
919Wu Bing-ShenTPE14475,00,035,046,0
1011Liu Po-KanTPE16025,00,032,539,5
1116Lee Tung-JungTPE15245,00,032,039,5
1218Yao Jia-YouTPE14864,51,536,046,5
139Tomii YoshikatsuJPN16704,51,029,536,5
1413Lee Peng KeongSGP15724,50,532,539,5
1517Asanaka LouisTPE14964,00,033,541,5
1612WCMCho Hung-LingTPE15954,00,028,536,5
1722Takata YoshioJPN04,00,027,033,0
1815Lau Joe Yiu-ChoHKG15253,51,026,533,0
194Fukuda ToyoakiJPN18003,50,026,031,5
2010CMChang Shih-HsiungTPE16323,00,027,535,5
2121Iung Man HouMAC01,00,028,033,5
2220Hano ShinobuJPN00,50,026,532,0

Below is one of the game from his earlier rounds

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